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Private Consultations with Dr. Joseph Weiss, M.D.

Joseph Weiss, MD, FACP, FACG,AGAF
Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSD

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Joseph Weiss has started his specialized and personalized Digestive Health, Medical Advocacy and Preventive Health Practice in Encinitas! To schedule a consultation call (858) 952-8045.

Joseph Weiss, MD My Personal Commitment to Providing the Optimum in Health Guidance & Advocacy
by Joseph Weiss, M.D.

When you see any health care provider, trust and honesty are critically important. Privacy must be assured as in the majority of situations it is the individual’s personal story, described in medical terms as the history of present illness, which most often leads to the correct diagnosis. At times an approach as a respectful and thorough medical detective is required. I may ask questions to prompt more detailed recollections and information that may clarify the nature and origin of your health and condition. Additional background information, such as the medical history of family members, travel, occupation, education, social habits and behaviors, past illnesses and surgeries, immunizations, medications, alternative approaches and treatments, etc. may likewise be very informative. A physical examination may be performed, or alternatively even more accurate non-invasive imaging studies may be suggested, to determine if any illnesses or conditions are present or developing.

My initial service to you is to formulate your comprehensive medical history, and review outside medical records and diagnostic studies if available. Additional diagnostic studies or therapeutic modalities may then be recommended if appropriate and necessary. I will provide guidance and medical advocacy so that you receive the highest quality personalized medical care that I can recommend and that you desire. Although my education and training is as a Doctor of Medicine (MD), I do have an open mind to all possibilities, both diagnostic and therapeutic. I am respectful of alternative approaches from all of the healing arts and sciences, such as osteopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy, Ayurveda, oriental medicine, functional medicine etc. I am also very aware of the limitations of traditional allopathic (modern) medicine and alternative approaches, and the need for medical advocacy to protect and preserve your health and welfare.

My objective and responsibility is to provide you with the best possible care I can offer. I will be using my extensive education and experience, thoughtful logic, and common sense, but I readily admit that my knowledge, and indeed medicine and science in general, do not have all of the answers. There is a great deal yet to be learned, and when I do not know the answer I will tell you so. I will perform research to seek answers from all of the extensive resources available to me. I endeavor to offer you honest, respectful communication and compassionate care. In return, I ask that you openly and honestly share with me your health issues and concerns, and how I can better serve your needs. Thank you for your trust, and the opportunity to be of service. I am passionate about being a physician and advocate, and truly consider it an honor and a privilege to guide you.

Please identify and prioritize the areas of concern you would like to discuss. It can be a very specific health concern, such as a diagnosis or therapeutic challenge, or a general interest and desire for knowledge, experience, and insight. The number and frequency of sessions is dependent on your needs and response.

You are the only one who can judge the value of these sessions to your health, well-being, vitality, and longevity. I appreciate your trust and confidence in me to be a valuable resource and guide through the complexity of addressing unique health concerns. Likewise, I respect your wisdom to know what it is that you most need and desire from our professional relationship. Confidentiality, trust, and privacy are always respected.

Joseph B. Weiss, M.D. is Clinical Professor of Medicine in the Division of Gastroenterology, Department of Medicine, at the University of California, San Diego. He graduated from the Wayne State University School of Medicine and completed his internship and residency in Internal Medicine at the University of California at Irvine. Under the auspices of the World Health Organization and others, he has pursued interests in Tropical and International Medicine and Public Health with extended stays in Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. Subsequently completing a clinical and research fellowship in Gastroenterology at the University of California, San Diego, he has remained active on the clinical faculty of the School of Medicine. Dr. Weiss is also an accomplished humorist, professional speaker and author of several highly acclaimed books on the topics of health, wellness, digestion and nutrition. He has presented at international conferences and conventions, universities, medical schools, hospitals and medical centers, Fortune 500 companies, YPO/WPO, Bohemian Grove, Esalen Institute, Renaissance Weekend, Aspen Brain Forum, international destination spas and resorts. He has co-hosted a popular health radio talk show on a major network affiliate in California and enjoys educating and entertaining his audiences. For further information regarding Dr. Weiss' lectures, books and publications, visit his website at www.smartaskbooks.com.


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