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These testimonials are taken from a variety of websites that have doctor ratings and testimionials from actual patients.

April, 2019 - "Dr. Weiss is very compassionate. She genuinely cared about my issues. My tests came back normal, however, she was thoughtful in suggesting other possibities, and referring me to doctors of a different speciality. She wanted to help me figure out what was going on, even if I did not need her services. I really appreciated her being so kind. I did not end up needing treatment, but should I in the future, I will return to Dr. Weiss, without hesitation."

Jessica M.

February, 2019 - "Dr. Weiss is extremely knowledgeable and looks for the root of the problem before diagnosing anything. She's also honest, kind and caring. I'm grate to have found her and look forward to her guidance in the future. One more thing -almost forgot - she's very humble and has zero ego. She just wants to solve a patients problems the right way and it shows."

James T.

December, 2018 - "I am giving Dr. Weiss a 5-star rating because I feel that she has been one of the most caring, sincere and helpful doctors that I have encountered. I have been very sick over the last several years and have dealt with many doctors, so I know when one stands out.

"The Portal is an outstanding way of communicating with her. She gets back to me every time in a very timely manner and answers every question I have. She has to run certain tests, obviously, if you want to be evaluated properly; she can't just guess at what it is wrong; so tests are a necessary part of evaluating you in the medical profession.

"Her staff has always gotten back to me, and one has to understand that sometimes, an office gets very busy, or a staff person is out sick, or the office is training someone new, and they do their very best to deal with that. And, we, as patients, also have to remind ourselves that we are not the only patient.

"I would recommend Dr. Weiss in a heartbeat to anyone who is looking for a compassionate Doctor who has your best interest at heart and really cares about your health and well being."

Marianne B.

December, 2018 - "Dr. Weiss is exactly what I was hoping for in a doctor! She is empathetic, knowledgeable, straight forward and absolutely cares about the person sitting in front of her. I am so confident that she is going to be able to help me with some of the issues I've been experiencing for so long. She gives me hope! Thank you Dr. Weiss for taking the time to really listen to me. I am very grateful. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trustworthy, kind doctor."


October, 2018 - "Dr. Weiss was exactly what I was looking for in a doctor. She was empathetic, knowledgeable and I knew after spending only one hour with her that she could help me. She listened carefully...." Read full testimonial

May, 2018 - "Great doctor, warm, kind, knowledgeable, quite perceptive. I'm so glad we found her. I don't know what happened with the 1-star patients; maybe they are in genuine pain and need to lash out, but their experience does not reconcile in any way with ours. I speak out because the criticism seemed rather unbalanced."


March, 2018 - "Great Dr. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Not sure why 2 other people only gave her 1 star. I`am sure there are hundreds of people that are extremely happy with her, that are just to busy to write a review."


February, 2018 - "Thank goodness for doctors like Dr. Danielle Weiss. She is warm, caring, super smart, and takes the time and interest to make sure I understand my condition and the proper treatment."


02/01/2018 - "Thank goodness for doctors like Dr. Danielle Weiss. She is warm, caring, super smart, and takes the time and interest to make sure I understand my condition and the proper treatment...." Read full testimonial

08/10/2017 - "I highly recommend Dr. Weiss to everyone. I've been suffering with a lots of symptoms that were ignored by other physician. Dr. Weiss ordered me complete tests to accurately diagnose my disease...." Read full testimonial


06/7/2017 - "Dr. Weiss is a kind, compassionate and caring doctor who genuinely cares about giving you the best care possible. She reviews your medical history thoroughly before your first visit and listens carefully to you describe your symptoms and then...." Read full testimonial


02/8/2017 - Dr. Weiss is amazing. I have met with her only once but I already feel so confident about her. I have seen multiple endocrinologists, but Dr. Weiss stands apart. She is thorough in her examination and is...." Read full testimonial


08/25/2016 - "Dr. Weiss is a thorough and compassionate physician. I have multiple complex medical conditions and have to see a variety of specialists. She keeps all of them updated, and I always find her reports organized, clear, and on point with excellent recommendations. I actually learn more about my other conditions from her reports summarizing the other specialist reports. What a relief to have a doctor who takes excellent care of me, communicates clearly, and is a warm and compassionate human being!"

Ben, Del Mar

07/07/2016 - "Dr. Weiss is very thorough and detailed in her responses. Even when I was out of town for an emergency, I was able to call her and ask for her advice. She got back to me the same day. I strongly recommend her as an endocrinologist!"


06/20/2016 - "Dr. Weiss listens to your concerns, addresses it, and tries to successfully help with the concern. If that process doesn't work then she readdresses it on follow-ups. As well her goals seem to be to optimize her patient's overall health."


06/16/2016 - "Dr Weiss was very thorough. She took the time to ask a lot of questions, listened to my answers and addressed my concerns. She made worthy suggestions. She ordered labwork that other Doctors overlooked. I left her office with a sense of hope."


06/08/2016 - "Dr Weiss is very empathic, what I like most about her is that she REALLY listens. She's very knowledgable & always has a medical plan to follow through with. Very glad to have found her."


05/17/2016 - "I would recommend dr weiss .She is very knowledgeable and sensitive to my feelings when talking about changes in my hormones and how my bodies changing. She gave me great recommendations on how to make this a easier positive process."


04/22/2016 - "Dr. Weiss is the most amazing doctor. Her abilities in medicine as well as care and kindness are most appreciated."


04/21/2016 - "Dr. Weiss is kind, caring and professional. This was my first visit and she came highly recommended for her knowledge and expertise by a doctor I've known for 10 years. She was thorough with her intake and plan of action to find a diagnosis."


04/14/2016 - "I always appreciate the guidance and advise from Dr. Weiss. She is extremely responsive to the intermittent on-line inquiries and feel very confident about her ability to successfully manage my condition. Excellent support and care."


04/06/2016 - "Dr. Weiss was very considerate of my long medical history and didnt discount any information given even though it was from outside practitioners, and took all variables of my condition into consideration. I look forward to being a long term patient."


03/16/2016 - "Dr. Weiss was kind, warm and friendly while still maintaining a very professional manner. The questions and comments she made showed me that she really "got" my problem(s) and understood why I was seeking her help."


03/15/2016 - "A wonderful doctor who is kind, compassionate and knowledgable. All so important while you are going through the rollercoaster ride of hormonal changes. So grateful that I found her and I highly recommend her."


03/14/2016 - "I have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was referred to Dr Weiss to help me figure out how to manage my condition. She's great to work with and takes a holistic approach in treatment. I highly recommend her to anyone living with diabetes."


03/09/2016 - "Dr. Weiss was very through and left no stone unturned trying to figure it what was going on with my health. If you're having hormonal issues, she is definitely someone to see."


02/27/2016 - "Dr. Weiss cares about her patients. She is very informative,patient,and caring. It has been 3 months since my first appointment. I am feeling so much better and hopeful. Thank you Dr. Weiss!"


02/24/2016 - "Danielle Weiss is always professional. She researches your issues and if she does not know the answer she will look for it and get back to you. She works with you to bring your best health outcome. She also understands that you are human and listens!"


02/16/2016 - "Dr. Weiss is amazing! She is very thorough, very knowledgeable, very caring. Did a great job answering all my questions. I would highly recommend her."


01/23/2016 - "Dr Weiss is thorough, well informed and has excellent communication skills. I highly recommend her. So many physicians seem rushed and do not 'invest' in the well being of their patients. Dr Weiss cares."


01/22/2016 - "Dr Weiss has outstanding bedside manner and clarity of expression. She does not make me feel rushed. Her assistant Megan is efficient and very personable."


01/13/2016 - "Extremely pleased with Dr. Weiss' thoroughness."


01/12/2016 - "As always I was completely satisfied with my visit."


01/07/2016 - "I was very impressed with Dr Weiss. She was very sharp, quick to correlate my medical history and symptoms to formulate a diagnosis and how best to treat my condition to effect a cure. Endocrinology ... who'da thunk it!"


12/18/2015 - "I wish I had come to Danielle several years ago. Seems very concerned about your health and well being."


12/01/2015 - "For the initial appointment felt Dr. Weiss was very thorough and listened. Am looking forward to the follow-up which I feel will elevate my rating to a solid 5 stars across the board."


11/16/2015 - "Very personable and thorough in her approach. She is an exceptional clinician."


11/12/2015 - "Dr. Weiss was calm and comforting. She made me feel like she really cared and never tried to push products or drugs on me like others I have seen in the past. I would recommend her to anyone interested in better health."

Mary, San Diego, CA

10/21/2015 - "I really appreciated how thorough she was with me. I have had a string of doctors that seemed like they didn't want to help, even when the tests were starting to show the issue. After 10 years, I'm glad I didn't give up and found Dr. Weiss."

Darcie, San Diego, CA

10/07/2015 - "Dr. Weiss is a wonderful doctor. She listens to all concerns and is very knowledgable to all medical questions. She is that one in a million one thinks they will ever find!"

Joan, San Diego, CA

09/28/2015 - "Very knowledgeable and caring. Asked about things other doctors didn't, explains clearly what she is looking for and why. Very thorough yet takes the time to make sure I understand everything. First class treatment, just great!

Joseph B.

09/26/2015 - "I really like that she took the time to try and figure out why I'm feeling the way I do, and try to get to the bottom of it. It really seems that she cares for her patients, and is not just herding us through. Her staff is very patient and very pleasant.


08/05/2015 - "Dr. Weiss is very thorough and caring. I am soooo glad that I have her as my doctor and would give her the highest recommendation."

Marcia, San Diego, CA

07/17/2015 - "I enjoy going to see Dr.Weiss. She explains everything in great detail and doesn't seem to mind when I ask questions or ask her to repeat what was just said. She seems to be just as human as I am."

Tanya, San Diego, CA

07/10/2015 - "Dr. Weiss and her office staff are always a pleasure to deal with... Polite, prompt, professional and thorough. Dr. Weiss, unlike most other physicians I've dealt with, is interested in my health as a whole and I feel confident in her diagnoses. Xlnt!"


5/29/2015 - "Dr. Weiss is the most thorough-minded physician I've had the good fortune of seeing on numerous occasions over the past several years. Her staff is prompt, professional and personable. Dr. Weiss engages me during my visit, going over test results, asks me pointed questions and, honestly, I wish my GP/Internist was as thorough and broad-minded. Excellent overall and recommend highly."

K.K., San Diego, CA

5/19/2015 - "My first appointment with Dr. Weiss left me feeling very optimistic. She was very thorough and listened to all my crazy symptoms. I believe once my in-depth lab results come back, I will finally get some of the answers that I've been seeking for the past 8 years. I'm glad I found her!"

L. H., Carlsbad, CA

4/22/2015 - "I have been under the care of Dr Weiss for the last 3 years and I am so grateful. It really could have been difficult for me to manage my medical diagnosis without her excellent care. I was tearful my first few appointments and she was so empathetic. Dr Weiss is very knowledgable, thorough, and dedicated to her patients. She genuinely cares about how you are feeling and wants to get you back to feeling your best. Not only does she recommend prescription therapy, but she also incorporates holistic approach with vitamins, lifestyle changes, diet, etc. She really wants to engage you as the patient in your own health to help create the best care plan.

"Accessibility is excellent. I have needed frequent blood work and it has been easy to have lab orders made available when needed and prescriptions changed and refilled. She has referred me to other specialist efficiently and usually you can schedule an appointment with her within a few days or weeks instead of months out. It is true that her phone number often has an answering machine, however, the staff does get back to you and Dr Weiss is responsive to emails. All my appointments and lab results are available on a website, which is also very convenient.

"The clinic is located in a medical plaza and the waiting room is relaxing, beachy environment. You never have to wait long to be seen as she stays on schedule.

"I have recommended her to friends and they have also been very appreciative of her care."

J. R., Fallbrook, CA

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